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Brand Story I: The Redirection



The role of a business owner comes with an enforced growth. We find ourselves making critical decisions that can bring big changes to our Brand. Even though we make different decisions, there is one thing we want in common. Business Success.

No matter the direction we take, our business success is the goal at the back of our minds. To achieve this success we need to look at the core operations, influence, and values of the business.

Looking back now- the best decision made in our company was the Rebrand.

When does a business need to Rebrand? Why is a Brand essential for growth?

We take steps to create Pro-active action to help achieve big goals and dreams.

The plan to rebrand is a decision that would only upgrade a company if only done right. The Arsy team took a step out of their comfort zone.

In May 2021, we established grounds on Instagram. We started as a creator account with content to help businesses and Individuals. It gave a complete understanding of the essence of Brand and Marketing to a business.

This move allowed the brand, ARSY DIGITAL, to gain momentum. All by attracting similar minds that cared and understood the value of Digital Business. From Creators to business owners, we had our audience poached onto the screens waiting for updates from the team.

The rise in Audience initiated various creative ideas to collaborate and increase the awareness of our brand values. We started a 9 weeks Instagram series collaboration with the top dogs and various creators on Instagram.


Strengthen your Brand Series

The motive – increase the awareness of the brand while increasing our potential target audience base. To also understand how much people valued the essence of Brand Identity to a Business.

We were able to educate various people on the steps they need to take to completely strengthen their brand. This series featured various creators like @_zafiro__ , , @therobbiemurray, @brandingwithspandan, @lydiageorge___ , @thecontent.mall, @digitalcreatorchic and many other awesome creators. Want to know more about The SYBSERIES? Learn More

How to Increase Brand Awareness With Collaboration

One lesson obtained from collaborating is to always spread your risk. When deciding who to collaborate with, explore with different creators/businesses in sectors similar to yours and where your target audiences visit.

As Brand Strategist, it was best to collaborate with people in Design, Mindset and Life Coach, Marketing, Sales and Facebook Business Marketers

This move allows you to strategically position your brand as the solution to their challenge. Collaborating with trustworthy brands also gives social currency. The association gives the automatic validation of any queries your potential customers may have.

Our Strategy creates zero forceful moves but strategic motions. It will help position our brand as a credible company from sharing knowledge, Collaborating, and Engaging with brands with a similar audience base to ours. From Direct to Indirect competition.

Life After The Series

Once the series ended, our team needed to establish the next move. What can the team do to stand out and create something different in the world? How can we make an impact in the world of business?

In October, a baker reached out to the team to help uplift her business image.

What solution did we propose?

Rebrand! We created a new identity to help develop the business to fit the company’s values and target audience.

In November, an Instagram Business owner contacted the team (One-man Team) to become a Digital Marketer. At this point, we could celebrate having two solid clients while being a freelancer. The move to work with the clients birthed many more strategies that have assisted in elevating ARSY today.

Factors to Determine When To Rebrand
  • Change in Business Goals and Objectives: A drastic change in your goal/objective requires you to inform your audience. You might consider creating a new identity that aligns with the new goal/objective.
  • Change in world trends: Your brand needs to constantly keep up with the new age especially when targeting a certain audience.
  • Customer Acquisition: A good impression of showing you understand your customer’s preference would retain your customer’s attention longer.
  • Change in leadership: This is similar to a change in goals/objectives because a new leader mostly comes with new ideas and values. Communicate to your audience through a rebrand.
  • Acquisition/merger: This collaboration involves bringing new ideas and values together. The rebrand will create the new identity that will infuse both values.

When Should a business rebrand

The new move – to upgrade the company by changing our value proposition, converting from a freelancer to a company. We officially became FIRST ARSY DIGITAL MARKETING LTD.

Want to know more about our team rebrand? Stay tuned for the next post, Arsy Brand Story II – The Process.

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