When you hear OSCA, what comes to mind? The movie awards?

We could say they both have something in common.

Open Source Community Africa (OSCA) is one of the tech communities that caught our attention. Their team had the passion for their craft, placed in time and energy to help their community. And their goal, to create the next billion creators. Could you be one?

OSCA’s plan is putting constant effort into developing a community open to all forms of technology. The first day of OSCAFEST 2022 was dedicated to attracting hundreds of people just like us. The Arsy team officially attended their first ever OSCAFEST and we can’t ignore how wonderful it was. 


The conference started at around 9 am with talks, workshops, and keynotes from knowledgeable speakers from all parts of the world. That’s one of the great factors of OSCA’s Open playground. It was an opportunity to engage and learn from people from different parts of the world. We had speakers from Kenya, India, Nigeria, and many more countries.  

Their passion for bringing communities together inspired the naming of the different halls at the event after city names. Arsy got to explore the Lagos, and Cape Town halls, and we hope to explore the others before the end of the conference.

A few of the talks we attended shared amazing insights on Blockchain, Technical writing, Mixed realities, RSK Infrastructure and other tech related topics. The audience received impactful knowledge from experts in the field. 

A speaker even recorded himself over 10 times to ensure he was totally prepared! 

The RSK Infrastructure

The move absolutely paid off when he presented details on Blockchain infrastructure. 

Gino Osahon from IOV Labs. kicked off the event with high energy. He shared valuable insight on a must use Blockchain Infrastructure, RSK.

We got to have a short interview to learn more about him, which is dropping soon.

If you have been looking for the most secure smart contract platform, then you need to check out RSK

Gino Osahon
Gino Osahon Presenting. Photo from OSCA twitter

Another exciting feature is the low gas fee for crypto mining which is roughly about – 6700% lower than Ethereum transaction fee. One thing we have to discuss is the name tag “Gas Fee”; as short as this word is, it caused a rave at the event when Adora Nwodo, a Microsoft Cloud Engineer raised it up. We couldn’t agree anymore. It’s easier saying Transaction fee instead of Gas fee, right? Should we start a petition? 



OSCAFSEST opened a ground for a fun breeze away from work. Not just for our team but the large number that pulled up for the event. The crowd present at the event shows their impact in the community. 

The day continued with talks from Tayo Madein, Bolaji Ayodeji,Ruth Ikegah, Tapas Adhikary, Christine Abernathy and other Intelligent speakers.  


Attendees OSCAFEST Review

To understand more about OSCAFEST, we spoke to a couple of people who shared their experience at the event.

The main aim is to network and connect with different people from all over the world and they did just that.

What is interesting about OSCA, is the fact that it’s a community solely focused on creating awareness around open source.

Even though, I’m not a newbie to tech, I picked a few points

Our first day at Oscafest is one to remember with the memories created. We would be sharing more about our experience at the remaining days at Oscafest. See ya!

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