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Referral strategy to win clients without asking

Let’s start with this. Think about the number of times you have purchased a product/service referred to or currently used by a person you know? It is human behaviour to trust what a friend refers. 

Report on referral by Forbes shows that we are four times likely to purchase a product recommended by a friend.

Down to movie recommendations! We find ourselves asking people around us for the latest movies to watch on Netflix. Why? You automatically trust their judgement. It shows the relationship between referrals and word of mouth. This little instance is a prime example of how referrals work.

Is it possible to use this influence of referrals in business? Many reports focus on this influence. A write-up by Deyan Georgiev in Report 42 says B2B companies focused on using referral strategy gain at least 70% conversion. Which is why referrals are important in sales and should be recognised as a referral system.

The Effectiveness of a Referral

Just imagine the benefits this would add to your startup.

There has to be something to trigger to earn with referrals.


Various debates have questioned, are referrals bad, or are referrals good, or is referral effective?

We can’t conclude because the strategy you use determines if your referrals can work. How may you implement this influence? 

Can referrals help your businesses?

Here is what we have learned about implementing referrals. This strategy is the best example of why referrals work.

You might wonder why we have this idea of analysing how effective generating business referrals without asking can be.

A business Marketing Strategist, @thecontent.mall, wrote a piece on Instagram on gaining referrals as a product-based business owner.

It made us realise people struggle with this. Yes, it’s easy to get a referral but securing the sales is a whole different game. People are not aware of referrals that Pay.


Quite of essence to focus on a few keywords mentioned by @thecontent.mall. Trust, Recommendation, Satisfied, Appreciate, Give, Marketing, Familiar, and others. Re-read these keywords, and you will easily spot the correlation. A few things needed to check to gain a recommendation. The first stage is always satisfaction which leads to trust before getting familiar with your brand.

Relationship between Referrals and Reference

Do you provide them with their needs, or does your offer cause chaos and unease?

@thecontent.mall main point focused on marketing and communication. A complete solid move that would trigger some clients to refer people to you. It can also go a completely different route. What if it skips their mind, or they just don’t care deeply to refer people to you? That could also be a reality.

It’s only a matter of time before your request for reference becomes a beg.


You will need your value to speak for you which gives you a chance to get your names called in the big rooms without your presence. It’s referrals your business receives without your direct influence on the decision. 

Get to acquire high-quality clients through referrals. But what if your contact in the company can’t get the same influence the CEO may give. 

Who Gives Referrals?

Referrals and word of mouth work the same way. Anyone who can directly influence the decision-making of another entity can give referrals. These people do not necessarily have to make direct use of your offer.

They could be your inactive audience who is amazed by your Startup ethics or drive. That is why we considered creating more techniques that can reach those that are not in contact with our business.

Thoughts on who gives referrals
Referrals And Authorization

There is a Referral strategy we use at ARSY which has a special technique that behaves exactly like an SEO. 

What behaviour is that? A slow-growth pace but, once it reaches its climax nothing can take it down.


This technique requires focusing on the internal aspect of your business. The performance. How do people react to your product?


It leads to a few keywords Keye used. Satisfaction! How satisfied do you leave your clients? It is driven by how you perform. At our company, ARSY, we focus more on driving results for our clients. It includes Sales, referrals, and Leads. It cleared our doubts triggered by the comparison of Referrals vs. leads. Your clients have no other choice but to be happy with positive results. 


Their satisfaction becomes a thing that can not be a secret. Your clients’ business flourishing means an increase in building recognition. It is an automatic lead generation. These are referrals attracted to results and performance.


We are building a referral workflow. It becomes a magnet that triggers referrals without our clients reaching out to refer people to us. Even though your referrals are our greatest compliments.

How can we build this referral generator that can end up becoming our referrals network? Referrals are greatly appreciated when we make no direct move to generate results. Let’s show you can also enjoy referral benefits without asking.

How to win Referrals without Asking
  • Showcase your bestseller & Most rated Offers:- This strategy is a master for  e-commerce. It automatically creates a desire in the viewer’s mind.
  • Post Testimonials online: Your client’s testimonials should be front and center on each page of your website or Social Platforms. 
  • Ask for Video Testimonials: Testimonials are a win but using a video hits Jackpot. Show your clients using the product. It works the same way an influencer would impact your brand.
  • Create Case studies: Create your client’s success story through a case study. It gives the full knowledge of the service you provide. 
  • Create unique ways to get your clients to share your brand: Through seasonal greeting cards. Celebrate your client, their birthdays, and many more.
  • Focus on your Internal Operation: How you work determines how your client feels about you. 
  • Extra value-added on your offer: This strategy is a perfect example of ordering skincare products that come with samples of new exciting products. This could be samples of your new products, or you could reach out to a partner to share. 
  • Setting a Great Onboarding process: A recent tweet by Tyler says your onboarding process determines your relationship with your client. Establishing a quick connection through satisfaction is through onboarding.
Referral strategy to use in Sales and Marketing

We are focused on this strategy of going the extra mile for our clients. There are other ways to secure reference by strategic positioning but do not forget to ask as a reminder.

It’s long-term gameplay that would also gain a higher chance of success. You automatically get their competitors, business partners, and even some customers' attention.
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