Arsy Team with Tejas Kumar @ OSCAFEST

OSCAFEST Day 2: Arsy Recap

If given a golden ticket pass into the tech world, will you accept or reject it? The intense rave about the new intriguing career space has caught the attention of hundreds of people around the world and the Open Source Community For Africa (OSCA) Festival is providing golden ticket passes into this world. 

The opportunities and concepts shared at day 2 of the 2022 OSCA Festival are valuable and life-changing with real-life testimonials, with speakers from all parts of the world coming together to make the festival a success. 



The second day of the festival was no different from the first. Techies and Non-Techies were able to exchange ideas with experts on a diverse range of topics including, Documentation, Blockchain, Technical Writing, Open source opportunities, Brand Identity, Business Artificial Intelligence, and many more. 


High energy speakers including Uche ObasiOdunayo Eweniyi, Andrew Miracle, Khadija Landan, Tejas Kumar, Ruth Ikegah and many others took the stage and left lasting impressions on everyone in the audience.

Breaking the Limit In Tech


Odunayo Eweniyi, the co-founder of Piggy Vest, shared insights on non-tech roles available in the ecosystem. Through exploration, and constantly learning, she has created a valuable impact in the tech field with no coding skills. She emphasised the available options of exploring tech roles with no long hours of coding. Product Manager, Customer Success, and other available roles in Operation are highly requested. 

The Power Of A good Documentation

Another speaker Tejas Kumar, the Director of Developer Relations at Xata, shared the necessity of developers keeping proper documentation of their use cases. Xata is setting the standard by prioritising quality user experience in Documentation.

 In his words, Tejas came on stage to be inspired and to inspire which he achieved by capturing the attention of every single attendee. 

We must applaud OSCA for strategically choosing the right team of speakers to create the next billion creators. The audience got to learn and be inspired to build a sustainable future for Africa.  


Leveraging OSCA For Career Growth

Uche Obasi was one of those who spoke on sustainability.

His story was inspiring from attending OSCAFEST 2020 as a regular attendee to now speaking at OSCAFEST 2022 to a large number of people. 


His topic centred around his growth, from sapa to collaborations and internships and to being a full-on tech bro with talk invites. The moral of his talk was emphasis on depth before breadth.

Not only does OSCAFEST spotlight talks, it also gives a platform for investors to discover the big thing. The sponsors of the event are some of the top firms in the world. Our team stopped by the PolygonFincraCoil, Sourcegraph stands and we look forward to other exciting stops.

We also spoke to a couple of people who shared their experiences at the event.

The Audience Recap

“This my first OSCAFEST, and yes, they did meet up to my expectations. Quite large with bright teams of people.”

Khadija Landan

“There have been many interesting topics around Web 3 and non-web 3 related focus. I came for the event because of the hype and list of sponsors.”


“This time I was immersed in the talks. Tejas, Uche and other speakers were really good. The Sustain Africa section was also amazing."

Andrew Miracle

That’s a wrap on Day 2 of OSCAFEST, see you tomorrow!

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