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Founder/CEO Of Arsy Digital - Oreoluwa Rowaye

Who Am I?

My name is Oreoluwa Rowaye, a Cancerian with a soft heart. I have always had this urge to help people out even with little tasks. It just comes so naturally to me.

I’m a student at the University of Leicester studying Mcomp. Computer Science. I have officially completed the first three years of my undergraduate degree, left with my Master’s year. I’m presently undergoing a gap year where I have decided to focus on the professional aspect of life.

Studying this course enhanced my skill of quickly solving problems. Most especially those long hours I’m staying trying to fix bugs in my codes only to end up having to remove a semicolon.

You might wonder, why are you then focused on Branding and Marketing?

Growing up in a home of entrepreneurs, I have always just dreamed of owning an empire that will be sustainable for the next generation to come.
Watching my parents develop and work through their business development journey. It arose an interest to learn how to create a brand that can sustain all obstacles.


Since my university days, I have always found myself brainstorming business ideas. Bounce the idea to my parents to analyze, who have been so supportive of my journey. Trust me, some of these ideas failed to actualise, while some are still ongoing.

During the pandemic, I had time to realign myself with my purpose. I realized that most of these ideas failed because I wasn’t aware of the right step to start. I assumed business was all about having the idea and putting it to action without testing if there was a market for it.

Arsy Digital is presently an ongoing project where I’m taking all the best steps to ensure I create something valuable in the market.

Welcome to the first Phase of the Arsy Digital Brand. This phase focuses on understanding the market of the Digital world and more to come.

I’ve created this page to share things that I am learning on my business journey. It’s my little way of helping out those with a similar purpose to mine.
I want to build a community of intelligent individuals, hoping to develop a solid start-up brand that will eventually become a big successful one.

That is why I’m presently hosting The SYBSERIES, which stands for Strengthen Your Brand Series. Each of the episodes is created to shed light on the little aspect of branding. These little steps amount to a huge impact on the sustainability of your brand.

If you are a new start-up brand like me, inspired to start one or, interested in following my brand growth journey. Follow @arsydigital on Instagram
I would be sharing my knowledge, tips, and mistakes you can use to establish the Solid brand of your choice.