Treats By Mimi

Project Tite: Brand Visual Facelift

Project Brief: Our Client reached out to Arsy to revamp their previous brand image. The client business is currently in the process of a complete upgrade. They are adding new treats and confectionaries to their menu. They need a logo to fit their new Business Goal, purpose, and Target audience.

Client Insight

    Background story:

    Treats by Mimi is a solo entrepreneur baker who operates in the heart of Maitama. Our business channel currently leverages Instagram to attract its target audience. Their business makes birthday cakes. Their present target audiences are friends and associates.

Reason for Project: 

The business is in the process of upgrading to establish a physical store in the heart of Maitama. Their store would be located in the city center, right next to a store called 212 supermarket. 

With the upgrade comes a change in the menu options and business operation. Treats by Mimi upgraded their menu to attract a different range of audiences. They would be offering treats and confectionaries to fit a new range of audiences.

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Client Snapshot

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Project Insight

This project required the upgrade of the visual identity of Treats by Mimi. Her goal was to look more artistic and personal touch to the logo. She wanted a Character Logo. She wanted it to be a representation of herself. The new visual should be able to target the young and modern generation.

The logo should reflect the Brand’s personality and mood. These include passionate, friendly, Sweet (Sugary), feminine, and warm and welcoming.


Arsy 360 Business Rebrand

Branding {Brand Visual Identity Development, Market Research, Audience Analysis, Animation Design]

Roles, Workflows, and
responsibilities Roles

We design our roles to follow the growth-driven system. The team follows a strict Agile process to deliver the work.

Research team:

Conducts the necessary research to conduct an internal and external review on Treats By Mimi.

Brand Strategist:

Works with the clients to create the Visual Identity concept for the illustrator and designer to follow. The strategist was also in charge of the project management.


The illustrator recreates the Client's image into an animation representation. The illustrator has a strict rule of following the guideline created

Graphic Designer:

The designer works to create the final logo look with the brand character created for the Brand.

Brand Designer:

Creates the brand packaging for the business.

Our Solution


To achieve the result, we decided to undergo a complete 360 research of the business. We ran Instagram story surveys to understand the audience and engagement level. The next stage required the study of the external market, which includes the Market, audience, and competitors.


The next stage requires the development of a strategy for the design. The Brand Strategist met up with the Client on a couple of occasions to understand their expectation of the project. The team moved with the Agile mode of communicating with the Client when it was required based on our definition of approving a feature created. We decided on using a flower as an inspiration.


The design team was split into three to have different specialists focus on their roles in delivering the project. They all utilise the rules issued by the strategies to ensure a uniform brand design. The illustrator created the Brand Animation before sending it off to the Graphics Designer to adopt and Develop the Brand Logo. The brand Designer follows the guide to building the Brand Packages.