Halal Store

Project Title: How we increased Biitnillah Halal Store Net Profit by 328% in 4 Months

Project Brief: Biitnillah approached our team to boost its e-commerce sales performance. It currently attracts low traction and low sales. Our Client’s main challenge was content management. However, after interacting with our team, we needed a redefinition of the Instagram Business.

Client Insight

    Background story:

    Biitnillah is a high-end Islamic Wall Decoration store currently selling on Instagram. They sell beautiful metal wall pieces with accessories to beautify your home or office. Their products scream luxury from the design to the intention behind the design. These products are imported and can be delivered anywhere in the world straight to your doorstep. The business kicked off something in the summer of 2021. When they approached the team, they had close to 600 followers with a net profit of less than N100,000 per month.

    Reason for Project: 

    The Business owner currently works in a 9-5 System with little interest in social media. He, however, understands the value of the Instagram Market with over 100s of Millions of Followers. Our Client was referred to our team through a mutual associate to help manage the business Social Profile. Once he had his first contact with our team, we both realised the project goes beyond the surface of Social Media Marketing.


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Client Snapshot

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Project Insight

Upon the first contact, the project moved from Social Media Marketing into E-commerce Management. The Arsy team would need to create a Marketing, Sales, and Advertising Strategy to help Biitnillah achieve its goal. Their goal is to increase their Monthly Net Profit to Hit above N500,000.

Our channel for communication relies on Instagram. The team would have to run a monthly Marketing and Sales program to achieve Biitnillah Halal Decor goals.


E-commerce Basic Plan

Instagram Marketing, Content Management, Facebook/Instagram Ad, Community Management on Instagram & WhatsApp, and Audience Targeting.

Roles, Workflows, and
responsibilities Roles

Content Manager and Account Manager


We design our roles to follow the growth-driven system. The team follows a strict Agile process to deliver the work.

Research team:

Conducts the necessary research to conduct an internal and external review on Biitnillah Halal Store.

Content Manager:

Responsible for creating valuable content that would persuade the audience to purchase the products

Account Manager:

Maintain the operations of the Instagram Business profile. This role includes interacting with the account and sending new orders to the Biiznillah team to process.


The Content Manager and Account strategise on the best content to create for the month. The Content Manager develops all the content and schedules required at the start of the month. While the Account Manager works through the month engaging, generating leads, and processing orders.

Project Challenge

This project had a couple of inevitable challenges. One of the challenges includes the Prices of the Goods. These are high-end goods with the lowest price starting at N60,000. The challenge is getting the Instagram audience to trust our Brand to purchase our product. With the early stage of the Instagram account growth, we had no social proof and no testimonials to display. Another blockage is the delivery time and not having a physical store. The team needs to work to create strategies that would instantly persuade buyers to purchase one of our products.

Our Solution


Before kicking off the project, the team assigned to Biitniallah reviewed the current profile to understand the engagement rate. Their current type of clients and the velocity of incoming orders. Once we established the basic understanding, we went ahead to run market research to understand the clients, Market, and competitors. The research process included a review of the business operations, especially the ordering processing.


The team moved to the strategy phase once we received the necessary access to help develop an effective tactic. We needed to enhance the ordering system to establish a process to measure our performance. Then, we developed a method to create a business system to track orders, process orders, and monitor the business marketing & sales performance. Afterward, Facebook Ad Targeting became the focus. It was essential to making the Ad cost less than 5% of the amount earned in the month.


We divided the design phase into two parts focusing on different objectives. Tech Design and Content Design. The tech team developed a CRM System to help monitor the online business. It includes a spreadsheet for data recording and an invoicing system to track orders. The content team created fascinating content to attract clients to engage with our profile and make sales. Content Created Ads Created, Analytics CRM System Tailored for the business, Logo Creation, Profile Page Revamp, Facebook Ad Targeting .