OSCAFEST Day 2: Arsy Recap

Arsy Team with Tejas Kumar @ OSCAFEST

If given a golden ticket pass into the tech world, will you accept or reject it?
OSCAFEST is providing golden ticket passes into this world.

Arsy Takes OSCAFEST Day 01

When you hear OSCA, what comes to mind? The movie awards?
We could say they both have something in common.

Open Source Community Africa (OSCA) is one of the tech communities that caught our attention.

Referral strategy to win clients without asking

Client referral from a partner to another

Let’s start with this. Think about the number of times you have purchased a product/service referred to or currently used by a person you know? It is human behaviour to trust what a friend refers.  Report on referral by Forbes shows that we are four times likely to purchase a product recommended by a friend. Down […]

Brand Story I: The Redirection

brand-story- dare-to-dream

WHEN DOES A BUSINESS NEED TO REBRAND?   The role of a business owner comes with an enforced growth. We find ourselves making critical decisions that can bring big changes to our Brand. Even though we make different decisions, there is one thing we want in common. Business Success. No matter the direction we take, […]